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Meet Equivision Team Rider Kim Gentry

18 Oct, 2016

Meet Equivision Team Rider Kim Gentry

Equivision is proud to sponsor Kim Gentry who is a member of the Australian High Performance dressage squad. Kim who is based in TN, recently qualified for USDF National Finals in November and we will be eagerly following her progress. In the meantime, learn a little more about Kim with our team rider Q&A...

1) Who are your current horses? (names, ages, breeds, level they compete at)

Leonardo is my current Grand Prix horse. He is a danish warmblood by Lantinus out of a Rambo mare and bred by Oak Hill Ranch. I've had him since he was 3 and just backed. We have a great bond because we've been together the whole way through his training. We know each other sometimes too well!!

The other horse that I'm currently bringing along is Frasier. He is a 7 year old Westfalian gelding by Fuerst Piccolo out of a Florestan mare. He has such a fun personality and is so athletic! He keeps me on my toes!

2) Do you have any whacky superstitions or traditions? 

Blue. I have to wear blue!!

3) What are your goals? For the remainder of 2016 and longer term.
Regionals (currently competing at) and Finals (qualified) for 2016. Next year Leo and I need more time in the International arena to get the consistency in our tests. We've had a great year in the National shows with scores up to 71% at Grand Prix but the atmosphere in the International ring is way more intense!


4) Which Equivision products do you use and why do you like them?

I'm so happy with all of the Equivision products that I'm using. We've tailored programs to each horse in my training program. My first product experience with Equivision was their Fish Oil Factor. I love that this product has so many anti inflammatory properties and helps the horses in so many ways including joints and GI system. With it being a powder it's so much easier to use (and less stinky) than fish oils. I also have horses on Turbo Mag which helps maintain a good electrolyte balance and I've found really helps with stamina in the heat. We use EC for its antioxidant benefits and ADR to add probiotics to the horses diet. I've had incredible results with Surge. We had a horse step on his coronet band and cause quite a bit of hoof damage. It was amazing how fast the hoof has grown since we started using Surge and you could actually see the change in the hoof growth from one week to the next! It was really impressive!

5) Why did you choose dressage as your primary discipline in which to compete?
I was an event rider as most girls were in my youth. I was lucky enough to go the England to train with a Grand Prix rider when I was 17. He put me on his Grand Prix horse and I was hooked! Within a few weeks we were doing all of the Grand Prix. Now jumping scares me to death although I do pop Leo over small fences here and there as he loves it and I trust him.

6) Something people might not know about you (doesn't have to be horse related)
I really am married! My husband gets so much grief from his buddies because I'm on the road so much and people I know at shows have never met my husband! 
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